About Principal Global Asset Allocation

Principal Global Asset Allocation is a specialized boutique within Principal Global Investors that engages exclusively in the creation of asset allocation solutions. Backed by individuals with decades of experience in asset management, our team designs and delivers asset allocation solutions that meet your investment needs.

Our goal is to offer competitive performance combined with successful solutions tailored to your desired outcomes for return, risk, and income potential.

Driven by a proprietary investment process

Our interactive, three-step allocation process begins with top-down asset allocation that considers your objectives within our macro-economic outlook. We then implement the portfolios from the bottom-up. Finally, our team develops a rebalancing framework to monitor and adjust your portfolio over your specified time horizon aiming to deliver reliable risk-adjusted investment outcomes that meet your needs.

  1. Top-down asset allocation: First, we define target allocations within an efficient portfolio that aim to maximize risk-adjusted returns.
  2. Bottom-up portfolio construction: Next, we assign a combination of specialist managers that we believe will perform well over time within those specific asset classes, to meet the defined objectives.
  3. Strategic portfolio rebalancing: Finally, we actively manage portfolios, rebalancing investments to control and manage systematic risks and respond to changing economic and market fundamentals. 


Proprietary Investment Process

*A measure of the value added or subtracted by active management.