Launched in 2012, our Blue Chip Equity strategy applies the same fundamental approach that has driven the success of our MidCap Equity strategy to an expanded opportunity set, inclusive of large-cap companies. 

Strategy Attributes

  • Active: our strategy is not highly benchmark aware. We invest in what we believe to be the best opportunities available that meet our criteria. Our strategy typically has only 40-50 holdings.
  • Risk Reduction: typically, our process lags slightly during fast-rising markets and holds up well during distressed and stable markets. 
  • Low Turnover: our long-term focus results in relatively low portfolio turnover, about 20-30% per year, on average.
  • Owner-operators: this emphasis is just as strong in our Blue Chip portfolios as it is for MidCap, a differentiator when comparing Blue Chip to other large-cap portfolios.
Investment guidelines are subject to change

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