Our MidCap Equity strategy provides high conviction, yet sensibly diversified exposure to the MidCap universe, without style extremes or excessive concentration in any one sector.


Strategy Attributes

  • Active: Our strategy is not highly benchmark aware. We invest in what we believe to be the best opportunities available, with relatively wide ranges allowed (+/- 20% to the benchmark) for sector weights.
  • Risk Reduction: in Morningstar's most recent report on our mutual fund, they noted that "during the fund's history, it has beaten the Russell Midcap Index in 19 of the 20 quarters when the benchmark fell into negative territory. It has outperformed by roughly 220 basis points on average in those quarters."1
  • Low Turnover: our long-term focus results in relatively low portfolio turnover, about 20% per year on average, implying an average holding period of five years.
  • True to MidCap: we ensure that at least 80% of the weight of the portfolio is invested in MidCap companies, as defined by Russell, at all times. 




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