17 Oct 2017

Topic Summaries: Inflation’s next move is up: That’s not a consensus view; many believe Amazon, robots, smart software, and...

17 Oct 2017

Read Insights in a Minute - our economic recap for the week of October 9 - 13, 2017. Check back for our full report on October 18. 

12 Oct 2017

Seema Shah, Global Investment Strategist, Principal Global Investors

European political risk seems to once again be rearing its ugly head. Last week, Catalonia voted in favor of declaring independence from Spain, with...

11 Oct 2017

Bob Baur, Ph.D., Chief Global Economist, Principal Global Investors

How did events from the third quarter of 2017 impact our 2017 outlook? The U.S. and global economies are still experiencing a synchronized global...