10 Mar 2021

1st quarter signals: Five questions facing markets

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Thumb: 1st quarter signals: Five questions facing markets
by Seema Shah, Chief Strategist

Markets have continued to ride their upward momentum through the first quarter of 2021, with investor optimism fueled by wider distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and expectations for the sizeable fiscal stimulus package from the Biden Administration. Still, lingering questions remain on issues such as how uneven access to vaccines could affect global markets; the specter of rising bond yields; and when the U.S. Federal Reserve will tap the brakes to slow inflation. Clean energy and Big Tech continue to be dominant themes in the investor narrative and are proving to be important sources of risk and opportunity. Finally, complications surrounding the U.S. and its relationship with China will persist as economic regions are forced to finally choose their allegiances and find their footing in an escalating battle for economic supremacy. Download to read our take on five of the biggest questions facing the markets today.