17 Jan 2017

2017 Outlooks from Principal Global Investors' Investment Boutiques

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2017 Outlooks


Welcome to our 2017 Outlook page. Here you will find global and asset-class-specific outlooks for the upcoming year, featuring insights from experts across our investment boutiques.


2017 tactical outlook - Macro Currency Group2017 tactical outlook - Macro Currency Group

The global political shocks in 2016 have supplied fertile terrain for tactical macro investing in 2017. From Trump, to the U.S. dollar, to potential parity between currencies, down to the complex bottom in commodities – read our outlook to understand the forces we believe will drive macro investing in 2017.







Real estate fundamentals: looking into 2017Real estate fundamentals: looking into 2017 (Video)

Indraneel Karlekar, Ph.D., managing director of global research & strategy for Principal Real Estate Investors, provides insight into our real estate fundamentals as we look further into 2017. 



Principal Strategic Asset Management Portfolios: Outlook 2017 - Edge Asset ManagementPrincipal Strategic Asset Management Portfolios: Outlook 2017 - Edge Asset Management 

EDGE's Global Asset Allocation team approaches 2017 with moderate expectations for risk asset returns and a limited risk appetite. Read the full outlook for details on investment themes, portfolio positioning, and more.






Preferred Securities 2017 Outlook: Spectrum Asset ManagementPreferred Securities 2017 Outlook: Spectrum Asset Management

Phil Jacoby, chief investment officer of Spectrum Asset Management, outlines what investors can expect for preferred securities in 2017, as well as the roles he thinks the Federal Reserve, Trump, and China will play as we move forward. 





Views from the CIO: positive outlook for equities... with a few caveatsViews from the CIO: positive outlook for equities in 2017... with a few caveats

Looking ahead in 2017, we have a positive outlook for equities, but with a few caveats. Our positive outlook is based on Trump’s pro-growth agenda, earnings growth, and Growth at a reasonable price (GARP) style investing. That being said, investors should also consider the following caveats: don’t expect much for rerating, expect heavy penalties for short-term disappointments, and expect volatility. Mustafa Sagun, chief investment officer of Principal Global Equities, goes into more detail on these expectations for 2017 in this latest blog post. 


Principal Global Fixed Income 2017 OutlookPrincipal Global Fixed Income 2017 Outlook (Video)

2016 was characterized by unexpected change, exemplified by the outcomes of the Brexit vote and the U.S. presidential election. And as we look ahead, 2017 will be another year of change. To hear what fixed income investors can expect – watch the latest video from Mark Cernicky, senior product specialist for Principal Global Fixed Income.


2017 Municipal Bonds Outlook2017 Municipal Bonds Outlook (Video)

As investors begin to navigate a new political, economic, and fiscal reality, many are wondering what to expect. To hear where our team thinks the opportunities lie for investors looking for long-term investment in a historically safe and stable asset class – watch the latest video from our municipal bond team. 


Looking forward to 2017Looking forward to 2017: Will the muni momentum continue? 

Are you curious about what’s in store for municipal bonds? We are too. Which is why we sat down with municipal bonds portfolio manager James Welch to talk trends, issuance, taxes, and Trump. Read this 2017 municipal bonds outlook to find out where our team thinks the opportunities lie as investors get ready to welcome a new year.






Inside Real Estate VideoInside Real Estate - Summary Video

What's in store for commercial real estate in 2017? Indraneel Karlekar, Ph.D., managing director of global research & strategy for Principal Real Estate Investors, gives a quick recap of what commercial real estate investors can expect in the upcoming year.


Inside Real Estate - Annual Strategy Outlook for 2017Inside Real Estate - Annual Strategy Outlook for 2017

More than seven years after the global financial crisis ended, it is a good time to take stock of the U.S. economy and its prospects as we look forward to 2017 and beyond. Our annual real estate outlook covers: taking stock in a time of change, the economic outlook and what it means for capital markets, space market fundamentals, and four quadrant strategy recommendations. 






Top 10 Economic Trends for 2017Top 10 Economic Trends for 2017

Our latest infographic identifies 10 trends we expect to impact the global economy in 2017. It accompanies the full global outlook below, written by Bob Baur, chief global economist.








2017 Global Economic Outlook

2017 Global Economic Outlook (Video)

In this three minute video, our chief global economist, Bob Baur, shares his outlook for global economies in 2017. We expect faster global growth, higher stock prices, and mildly higher interest rates. 


The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning: The Global Economy Picks Up Momentum in 2017

This global outlook for 2017 examines the United States, greater Europe, China, Asia, and emerging markets. Bob Baur, chief global economist for Principal Global Investors, sheds some light on monetary policy and interest rates, and investigates the global asset class implications of these views.