11 Apr 2022

Global Asset Allocation Viewpoints, 2Q 2022 - Post lift-off investing

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Thumb: Global Asset Allocation Viewpoints 2Q 2022
by Seema Shah, Managing Director, Chief Strategist
Todd Jablonski, CFA, Executive Director - Chief Investment Officer & Head of Asset Allocation
Han Peng, Senior Analyst

For more than a decade, investors, consumers, and businesses have benefited from significant monetary tailwinds. Policy rates have been kept low by historical standards and even when the Fed did raise rates, it did so in a slow and steady fashion. These financial conditions have greatly supported equity and fixed income valuations across cycles. However, with the Fed now embarking on a steep monetary tightening cycle that could see policy rates above 2% by end-2022, investors can no longer rely on easy financial conditions to support portfolio growth. Download the 2Q 2022 Global Asset Allocation Viewpoints to read our perspectives.