18 Nov 2020

U.S. Elections 2020: Polarized is the new normal

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Thumb: U.S. Elections 2020: Polarized is the new normal

By Seema Shah, Chief Strategist, and Eric Shimp, Vice President, Global Government Relations, Principal Global Investors

At this point, during most other election years, the U.S. would be transitioning to the next government, but this is proving to be an unconventional period. For investors who keep an eye on Washington, the intense polarization of U.S. politics is here to stay. However, we anticipate that markets will increasingly be able to adjust and tune out much of this noise, enabling fundamentals to prevail. Ultimately, while we remain optimistic about the opportunities for markets and economies alike, we continue to anticipate a protracted global recovery supported by continued central bank stimulus – fertile ground for active managers. Download to read more!