Macro Currency Group 

We are a specialist global macro manager offering currency absolute return, overlay, beta, and hedging solutions to clients globally. Based in London, our team has been managing currency strategies since 1997 under the same global macro style and lead portfolio manager, Mark Farrington. Meet the team.

Focused and specializing in the currency markets, we benefit from scale and efficiency of our larger organization, Principal Global Investors, a leader in the global asset management industry with over US$451.1 billion1 under management.


As one of the longest running currency managers, over the course of nearly 20 years we’ve built our track record by combining our dynamic investment process within a disciplined risk management framework. Our goal is to deliver a consistent stream of positive returns while smoothing out the volatility normally associated with investment in foreign currency assets.


Being a traditional global macro currency manager, with a forward looking investment style, we are generally uncorrelated to traditional market betas as well as the general currency manager universe and the wider global macro peer group.


All our strategies are available on a customized basis to fully meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

1 As of June 2018