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Principal Global Asset Allocation

Excellence in global asset allocation solutions

We understand our clients’ objectives have shifted over the years - today, they’re looking to reach desired outcomes with their investments, not simply outperform narrow benchmarks.

Principal Global Asset Allocation can help you achieve your desired investment outcome. Our team of investment managers, strategists, and analysts engages exclusively in the creation of asset allocation solutions that aim to deliver reliable, risk-adjusted investment outcomes that meet your needs.

We offer a range of off the shelf and/or tailor-made strategies that help meet your investment objectives over time. Our portfolios are closely constructed, monitored, and managed with the goal of providing the desired outcome.

Our multi-asset and multi-manager capability is critical to successfully delivering the best total investment results and outcome for our clients. Our ability to achieve successful outcomes relies on the time we take and our ability to understand our clients' complex investment needs.

Why choose Principal Global Asset Allocation?

Led by a team that averages 20 years of multi-asset experience, our strategies are delivered to you through three distinct investment processes: strategic allocation, dynamic outcome, and dynamic allocation. While each investment process has nuances that are specific to the outcome they attempt to achieve, they each follow a similar portfolio construction process:

  • Asset Class Selection: Our primary focus is to understand your desired investment outcome or goal, which is also the key to determining the proper set of asset classes.


  • Manager Selection and Due Diligence: Once the target mix of asset classes has been defined, we then aim to determine the optimal management method for those assets and assign a combination of specialist managers with the goal of effectively delivering the defined investment mandate. We consistently invest significant resources in a rigorous and disciplined process for identifying, selecting, and monitoring premier investment management firms as sub-advisors for each asset class and investment style. 


  • Rebalancing, Risk Management, and Tactical Trading: Rebalancing is a key component of our risk management process with the primary focus of controlling and managing systematic risks. We use industry leading tools to assess the risks you face at both the sub-advisor and overall portfolio level.  Where our mandates provide for tactical positioning, we follow a disciplined investment process, relying on a suite of in-house fundamental, valuation and technical models to guide our portfolio managers towards asset classes we believe will outperform.