About Us

We are fundamental, earnings-focused equity investors who embrace the principles of behavioral finance and leverage powerful analytical platforms to provide our clients with investment solutions that span equity markets worldwide. 

A powerful investment philosophy

We believe markets are not perfectly efficient and persistent biases create exploitable inefficiencies. Our clear, consistent, and repeatable investment process seeks to identify and exploit these persistent anomalies through:

  • Focused stock selection: capitalizing on the distinction between good investments and good companies. 
  • Alpha%20Diagram_Labels.pngStrategic portfolio construction: embracing rewarded risk while isolating stock selection as the key driver of our results over time. 

A consistent investment process

We seamlessly integrate original fundamental research with complementary and fundamentally-driven quantitative insights providing us a competitive advantage in identifying change in business conditions at the company level.  Our analysts focus their original research work on identifying high-potential investment candidates experiencing positive fundamental change and our portfolio managers are focused on high-conviction stock selection and portfolio construction decisions.

A key benefit of our investment process is the flexibility to tailor portfolios to specific client needs and guidelines as our process is implemented and effective across regions and sectors, for companies large and small.




A globally integrated, team culture

Our globally integrated team and culture is fueled by collaboration and innovation. We’ve long embraced the interconnections of the global economy and global capital markets. With team members based in Des Moines, Chicago, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, our investment professionals come from all over the world, bringing an array of professional experiences, educational backgrounds, and spoken languages to our team. Their talent and diverse skills enrich our overall decision-making perspectives, processes, and focus. Importantly, across all locations, our resources are aligned and focused speaking the same investment language, using the same tools, and focusing on the same objective of producing results for our clients.