About Principal Global Fixed Income

Principal Global Fixed Income is a specialized investment management group within Principal Global Investors. As global credit specialists, we’re focused on providing total-return, yield-oriented, and customized investment strategies for clients worldwide.


Research-based investment process, built on decades of experience

We’ve conducted our own fundamental credit research since 1965, when we started as part of the investment department of Principal Life Insurance Company. Since then, credit research has become the center of our investment process, with market coverage including approximately 1,500 global issuers.

Our research gives us a common framework for evaluating sectors and securities, and allows us to offer you customized, flexible multi-sector, single-sector, and outcome-oriented investment solutions that can adapt to your needs—now and in the future.


Integrated, specialized teams with a shared perspective

Principal Global Fixed Income comprises more than 75 investment professionals, who actively oversee more than US$100 billion in assets under management.

Our investment teams each specialize in one specific sector, but share a common macroeconomic viewpoint that provides a consistent framework for all our investment decisions. As a result, you get access to investment choices that strictly bottom-up managers might miss.


Consistent out-performance, multi-dimensional risk management

Our disciplined risk management process employs multiple layers of defense, including Value-at-Risk limits to help manage portfolio risk and explicit exit strategies for every holding in the portfolio to help manage issuer risk.