Our Investment Philosophy

We believe the best returns are achieved through the integration of deep fundamental research, a global perspective, and disciplined risk management.

This philosophy is put into practice through a forward-looking, iterative investment process that revolves around these three key elements:


Macro/risk perspective

Integrated into the analysis of all our investment opportunities and their associated risks, this viewpoint is shared across teams in all sectors. Using our proprietary research framework, our investment professionals determine a dynamic risk score by identifying the key factors that are likely to drive investment performance.

Fundamentals, Technicals, Valuations (FTV) framework

This consistent, comparative framework, based on our independent internal research, is used throughout the investment process. Scalable and efficient, it helps us avoid emotional decision-making, facilitates communication, and provides guidance for sector allocation and security selection.

Dynamic risk management

We take a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to risk management. Our goal, supported by daily performance monitoring, is to provide you with a well-diversified portfolio that not only meets your investment objectives, but also provides the best risk-adjusted returns, while avoiding unnecessary or unplanned risk.