Core Plus Bond


The Core Plus Bond Fixed Income strategy invests in a broad array of fixed income sectors and securities, and has an average portfolio credit rating ranging from A to AA. Investments are made primarily in U.S. dollar-denominated fixed income securities with stable to improving credit profiles that offer strong risk-return tradeoff potential.


Why choose this investment strategy?

We’ve been managing core plus bond capabilities since 1983 . Led by portfolio managers with more than five decades of combined investment experience, our Core Plus Bond Fixed Income strategy offers several benefits:

•    Top-down macro perspective, bottom-up research: Our top-down approach identifies the macro risk drivers and technical aspects of the market that may affect volatility and valuations. This, paired with our proprietary internal framework that focuses on bottom-up fundamental, technical, and relative value research and analysis, ensures a consistent process for finding risk-adjusted investment opportunities for your portfolio.

•    Quick identification of repeatable opportunities: Our sector portfolio managers and analysts have significant experience managing both multi-sector and specialized sector portfolios. Their expertise helps us quickly identify and act on repeatable, relative-value trading opportunities for the portfolio. This lets you participate in the upside, while striving for staying protected on the downside.

•    Explicit risk controls: We adhere to clearly defined risk controls that are linked to market volatility and manager performance. These dynamic risk measures allow us to limit portfolio risk when needed, and increase risk when warranted.


Where Core Plus Bond Fixed Income invests:

The strategy invests across a range of sectors, including Treasurys and agencies, investment grade credit, high yield and bank loans, emerging market debt, and securitized debt.

Allocations to each sector can be customized to meet your specific investment objectives, with the ultimate goal of providing a portfolio that offers multiple sources of alpha.