Opportunistic Investment Grade Credit


The Opportunistic Investment Grade Credit  strategy opportunistically invests in investment grade-rated corporate bonds, and maintains an average portfolio credit rating of BBB and above.


Why choose this investment strategy?

Our investment grade credit team, which is led by a portfolio manager with more than two decades of investment experience, comprises specialized teams dedicated to each industry we invest in. Guided by their combined expertise, our Opportunistic Investment Grade strategy can offer several benefits:

•    Top-down macro perspective, bottom-up security selection: Our top-down approach identifies the macro risk drivers and technical aspects of the market that may affect volatility and valuations. This, paired with our proprietary internal framework that focuses on bottom-up fundamental, technical, and relative value research, ensures a consistent process for finding risk-adjusted investment opportunities for your portfolio.

•    Approach rooted in fundamental research: We’ve been conducting independent, fundamental research for over 50 years. Today, using a shared framework, our analysts provide independent ratings on more than 800 global corporate issuers, ensuring a consistent approach to identifying opportunities for your portfolio.

•    Explicit risk controls: Our dynamic risk management process includes clearly defined risk controls—linked to market volatility and portfolio manager performance—to help limit your portfolio risk when needed, and increase risk when warranted.


Where Opportunistic Investment Grade Credit invests:

The strategy invests in investment grade-rated corporate bonds, and doesn’t adhere to any specific benchmarks. Portfolios are generally diversified across all sectors of the investment grade credit universe.

Our portfolio construction is rooted in deep, independent fundamental credit research. Combined with our global perspective and disciplined risk management, our research allows us to provide portfolios with multiple sources of excess return potential.