Municipal California Fixed Income


The Municipal California Fixed Income strategy features fully discretionary institutional portfolios that invest primarily in municipal bonds from California, providing an attractive federal and state tax-exempt income potential for investors.


Why choose this investment strategy?

Investing in municipal bonds offers California residents the potential for a monthly income stream, principal preservation, and attractive tax-equivalent yields. Our focused investment approach can offer investors agility and disciplined risk management.

Where Municipal California Fixed Income invests:

The strategy invests primarily in high-quality municipal bonds with varying maturities, issued by the state of California. Portfolios are measured against the Bloomberg California Municipal Index. This index is the California component of the Bloomberg Capital Municipal Bond index, which focuses on the long-term, tax-exempt bond market.

Our investment style is deeply rooted in fundamental research, guided by our proprietary FTV (fundamental, technical, and valuation) research framework. Combined with our macro perspective and disciplined risk management, this allows us to build portfolios for up and down markets.