Opportunistic Municipal


The Opportunistic Municipal strategy features fully discretionary portfolios. The strategy seeks to provide a high level of income that is exempt from federal income tax, while protecting your capital.  


Why choose this investment strategy?

This nimble approach to investing features a flexible long-term strategy that provides the ability to invest across a wide range of credit qualities, durations, and geographic locations. Our opportunistic strategy can offer certain investors the potential for attractive tax-equivalent yields, a monthly tax-exempt income stream focused on principal preservation, and portfolio diversification. Security selection gives us the agility to exploit fluctuations in credit and interest rate environments.

Where Opportunistic Municipal invests:

The strategy is flexible and may invest in obligations bonds of any various duration and credit quality, including below-investment-grade bonds. The strategy may also gain leverage by using inverse floaters  . This strategy seeks to capitalize on municipal market inefficiencies and can shift quickly when attractive opportunities are identified among the spectrum of municipal market sectors. Portfolios are measured against the Bloomberg Municipal Bond Index, which focuses on the long-term, tax-exempt bond market. 

Our investment style is deeply rooted in fundamental research, guided by our proprietary FTV (fundamental, technical, and valuation) research framework. Combined with our macro perspective and disciplined risk management, this allows us to build portfolios for up and down markets.