Global Credit Alpha is a high-conviction strategy that opportunistically invests across all fixed income sectors, with assets primarily held in high yield bonds, and with alpha generated through issuer selection and sector rotation.


Why choose this investment strategy?

Led by portfolio managers that average more than 20 years of investment experience, our Global Credit Alpha strategy offers:

•    High total return potential, less duration risk: By combining dynamic asset allocation and unconstrained security selection with active risk management, the strategy strives to provide yield, which helps mitigate against rising interest rates. 

•    Multi-sector, unconstrained asset allocation: Our portfolio managers have the flexibility to strategically hold and shift concentrated allocations among a diverse set of high yielding fixed income sectors and securities. And because the strategy doesn’t adhere to a benchmark—unlike other traditional multi-sector credit strategies—we’re able to seek out the best investment ideas and adjust your portfolio as market conditions and opportunities change.

•    Daily liquidity: Unlike many other strategies, ours doesn’t lock up or otherwise hinder investment assets. By investing in liquid issuers, we’re able to offer you a more active investment approach, providing daily liquidity with weekly notice.


Where Global Credit Alpha invests:

The strategy invests primarily in high yield bonds, with the balance of the assets invested in a range of  fixed income sectors, including: securitized debt, investment grade credit, and emerging market debt.

We invest in fewer securities than a traditional fixed income portfolio, and our investment decisions are guided by our own independent credit ratings and fundamental research process. This allows us to build concentrated portfolios of securities with the highest total-return potential.

Our approach to opportunistic investing is guided by three fundamental elements: dynamic asset allocation, high conviction security selection, and multiple lines of risk defense. Combining these elements allows us to be more aggressive in potentially adding value to your portfolio.