Global Credit Opportunities


Global Credit Opportunities  opportunistically invests in investment grade credit and across  “plus” fixed income sectors. The goal is to deliver high yield-like returns with volatility at levels typically associated with investment grade credit.


Why choose this investment strategy?

Led by portfolio managers that average more than 20 years of investment experience, our Global Credit Opportunities strategy offers several benefits:

•    Reduced macro risk exposure: Our portfolio managers have the flexibility to strategically hold and shift concentrated allocations in sectors and securities with the most risk-adjusted return potential. This helps us avoid exposing you to unfavorable portions of the market that a benchmark-oriented strategy might force us to include.

•    Comprehensive risk controls: Our use of complementary risk-management strategies allows for a more active approach to investing. Multiple lines of defense help us manage risk. And by investing in liquid issuers, we’re able to quickly move in and out of a holding as market opportunities shift.

•    Multiple sources of yield: By using an integrated core/satellite approach, the strategy can offer the yield potential of higher-yielding sectors, while delivering volatility at levels typically associated with investment grade credit. 


Where Global Credit Opportunities invests:

Designed to replace traditional aggregate strategies, the strategy’s core is invested in investment grade credit, with the balance of the assets invested in a range of satellite fixed income sectors. These include high yield bonds and loans, securitized debt, and emerging market debt.

Our approach to opportunistic investing is guided by three fundamental elements: dynamic asset allocation, high-conviction security selection, and multiple lines of risk defense. Combining these elements allows us to be more aggressive in adding value to your portfolio.