Investment Philosophy

Investors increasingly want solutions they can customize, that meet their unique risk and return objectives. Principal Real Estate Investors is able to deliver these solutions, because we aren’t limited to one commercial real estate strategy.

A relative value approach to investing

We make all our investment management decisions using a relative value approach. This team-based, time-tested process includes rigorous, in-depth research and focuses on maximizing investment returns that match your risk tolerances and preferences.

Comprehensive market coverage, holistic understanding

Our expertise in all four quadrants of the commercial real estate market—public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt—gives us a holistic understanding of the market. We draw not only from the focused experience of each quadrant team, but also the insights gained from cross-team collaboration. 

This helps us make a comprehensive risk-adjusted return assessment, across all quadrants, for your portfolio—providing you with a strong, stable, and successful solution you can feel confident investing in.