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Why REITs, why Principal cover image
06 May 2022
In this paper we present the compelling reasons why investors' portfolios would benefit from an allocation to REITs, and explain why we believe today's market environment make it the right time to...
Thumb: Global Real Estate Securities Quarterly Update
08 Apr 2022
Our latest quarterly update of the Global Real Estate Securities market review and outlook is now available. ...
High yield real estate debt: the importance of a flexible approach - first page thumbnail
06 Apr 2022
A flexible strategy allows for different execution, across different assets, at different times. This paper discusses why we believe flexibility is important to an investor's portfolio.
The advantages of allocating capital to Private Real Estate Debt - first page thumbnail
06 Apr 2022
This special bulletin will revisit the investment profile of Private Real Estate Debt and how an allocation to this space can augment an investor’s portfolio over the next five to ten years.
Capitalizing on an inefficient market thumbnail image
31 Mar 2022
This white paper focuses on why investors should go active for their REIT allocation in their portfolio. This paper explains where opportunities arise in inefficient markets, why "active management...
Development offers outsized opportunities in the U.S. housing market cover image
30 Mar 2022
The U.S. housing market is poised for a substantial uptick in demand as the demographic shape of society intersects with COVID-19 induced shifts. Markets with lower costs of living, higher educated...
The impact of rising short-term rates on private real estate credit cover image
14 Mar 2022
Private real estate credit has experienced heavy investment flows aided in part by record levels of property trades and ultra-low interest rates. This paper discusses the impact of those rising...
Our ESG Evolution cover image
11 Mar 2022
This piece shows the timeline of Principal Real Estate's ESG evolution starting in 2008 through to present time. Also highlights industry advancements over the period and our plans for the future.
DIGITAL Employment report 4Q 2021 cover image
28 Feb 2022
Our DIGITAL employment report analyzes employment across the 48 U.S. markets which we track including DIGITAL markets (DIGITAL refers to key long-term growth drivers centered around demographics,...
Real Estate sector report: February 2022 cover image
17 Feb 2022
We are pleased to share our bi-annual real estate sector report. This piece includes insights from investment professionals across all four real estate quadrants. It provides current conditions and...
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS): Understanding the basics cover image
11 Feb 2022
This short paper seeks to demystify CMBS while also highlighting the benefits of CMBS investing.
Insights into REITs in 2022 cover image
11 Feb 2022
In this Q&A with Todd Kellenberger, Client Portfolio Manager, Principal Real Estate Securities, we take a look at the outlook for REIT markets in 2022 and discuss some of the trends we are...
Core private real estate fortifies defined contribution multi-asset portfolios title page thumbnail
08 Jun 2022
This short paper highlights the impact core private real estate can have in defined contribution (DC) target date portfolios and multi-asset inflation sensitive options for participants. The paper...
Industrial real estate is a "DIGITAL" poster child title page thumbnail
31 May 2022
The era of hyper-globalization has ended and there is a need for new and varied industrial stock. Strong market fundamentals for warehouse space have translated into outsized investor demand. The...
DIGITAL Employment report Q1 2022 title page thumbnail
19 May 2022
Our DIGITAL employment report analyzes employment across the 48 U.S. markets which we track including DIGITAL markets (DIGITAL refers to key long-term growth drivers centered around demographics,...
Cutting edge ESG technologies and materials for Real Estate title page thumbnail
18 May 2022
This paper covers the new, cutting edge methods and technologies for incorporating renewable energy into buildings, reducing energy and water use, lowering carbon emissions, and providing...
Listed Infrastructure title page thumbnail
16 May 2022
Listed infrastructure represents a unique opportunity to invest in a subset of public companies that have long track records of delivering positive financial and social outcomes while acting as...
Thumb: Inflation, rising rates, and market volatility: Navigating the perfect storm with real assets
11 May 2022
Inflation is the single biggest challenge that investors face today. The sudden and sustained jump in prices has inflicted a considerable shock to the economic system, sharply pushing up interest...