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Thumb: Creating new assets to meet shifting market, capital, and tenant demand
28 Jan 2022
This paper touches on some of the key trends we believe will impact occupier demand including ESG considerations, and highlights high conviction property sector and market opportunities resulting...
Thumb: ESG Regulations Impacting U.S. Real Estate
26 Jan 2022
Interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has grown exponentially over the last few years, and real estate investing is no exception. Investors are demanding increased...
Private real estate in defined contribution plans
21 Dec 2021
Defined contribution (DC) plans have been adding private equity real estate into their custom target date and white label funds. Recently, Principal Real Estate Investors hosted a panel of several...
Thumb: Listed infrastructure: Investing in a sustainable future
20 Dec 2021
We believe infrastructure has tremendous potential for social and environmental impact. Most listed companies are making good progress on sustainability efforts, and we expect this to continue....
Thumb: Exploring public REIT markets
20 Dec 2021
Principal's global REIT team recently discussed the performance of real estate markets around the world, including changes in fundamental trends. Our experts presented their views on the current...
Thumb: Opportunities in private debt
20 Dec 2021
Scott R. Smith, Managing Director, Portfolio Management, recently moderated a panel of experts from Principal Real Estate to discuss current opportunities in these markets, specifically in core...
Thumb: Structural drivers reshaping real estate investing
20 Dec 2021
COVID-19 has reshaped real estate investing, helping accelerate the thematic demand drivers that were in place pre-pandemic. Members of the Principal Real Estate senior investment team recently...
Europe: New strategies for the Old World
20 Dec 2021
In this environment, real estate investing is increasingly relevant—though more challenging. To better understand how European real estate is responding to the changes, as well as what lies ahead...
Thumb: The evolution of ESG trends and metrics
20 Dec 2021
Principal Real Estate Investors recently hosted a panel of industry experts to discuss the evolution of ESG in real estate, including current trends, the drivers of these changes, and the resulting...
Thumb: Europe's return to the office will be robust but uneven
06 Dec 2021
The return to office for Europe will vary greatly by region due to differences in industries, cultures, and degrees of urbanization. This unevenness will lead to challenges and opportunities that...
Thumb: Non-traditional is going mainstream
03 Dec 2021
The mainstreaming of non-traditional property types is well on its way within institutional investing, which will materially broaden the real estate investment universe. Read more in this AFIRE...
Thumb: Managing core risk in Europe
19 Nov 2021
Managed core opportunities provide an expanded investment opportunity set that can include some of the fastest growing traditional and non-traditional property types. Read more in our latest...
Why REITs, why Principal cover image
06 May 2022
In this paper we present the compelling reasons why investors' portfolios would benefit from an allocation to REITs, and explain why we believe today's market environment make it the right time to...
Thumb: Global Real Estate Securities Quarterly Update
08 Apr 2022
Our latest quarterly update of the Global Real Estate Securities market review and outlook is now available. ...
High yield real estate debt: the importance of a flexible approach - first page thumbnail
06 Apr 2022
A flexible strategy allows for different execution, across different assets, at different times. This paper discusses why we believe flexibility is important to an investor's portfolio.
The advantages of allocating capital to Private Real Estate Debt - first page thumbnail
06 Apr 2022
This special bulletin will revisit the investment profile of Private Real Estate Debt and how an allocation to this space can augment an investor’s portfolio over the next five to ten years.
Capitalizing on an inefficient market thumbnail image
31 Mar 2022
This white paper focuses on why investors should go active for their REIT allocation in their portfolio. This paper explains where opportunities arise in inefficient markets, why "active management...
Development offers outsized opportunities in the U.S. housing market cover image
30 Mar 2022
The U.S. housing market is poised for a substantial uptick in demand as the demographic shape of society intersects with COVID-19 induced shifts. Markets with lower costs of living, higher educated...