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Thumb: IREI Podcast : Thematic forces in real estate investing
01 Jul 2019
Click to listen - IREI Podcast: Thematic forces in real estate investing ...
Thumbnail - Sector Series - Impact of demographic dynamics on the multifamily landscape
24 Jun 2019
Of the main property sectors, multifamily remains highly sought after by investors. Indraneel Karlekar, Global Head of Research & Strategy, and Art Jones, Director, Real Estate Research for...
Thumbnail: The Decisive Eye - June 2019
21 Jun 2019
In this edition, Indraneel Karlekar, Global Head of Research & Strategy for Principal Real Estate Investors, and his team, examine the potential opportunity awaiting investors who apply...
Thumb: Opportunities in U.S. and Europe Commercial Real Estate late in the cycle
05 Apr 2019
This paper discusses potential opportunities in commercial real estate in U.S. and Europe in the mid- to long-term given the current market environment and outlook.
Thumb: REITs provide stable growth late in the cycle
05 Apr 2019
Todd Kellenberger shares his thoughts on the outlook for REITs late in the cycle. We believe investors should not only diversify their portfolios with a meaningful allocation to REITs, but also...
Thumb: Efficient Operations - Another Path to Sustainable Real Estate
03 Apr 2019
This Responsible Property Investing paper discusses why sustainability efforts will increasingly need to focus on existing properties, the people behind the scenes who make them run better, and the...
Thumb: The U.S. Yield Curve inverted, now what?
26 Mar 2019
On March 22, 2019, the U.S. yield curve briefly inverted, with the difference between the three-month and 10-year yields turning negative for the first time since August 2007. Read this update to...
Thumb: Managing sustainability throughout a property's life cycle
25 Mar 2019
Many leading real estate management professionals are implementing comprehensive sustainability strategies that permeate a property's life cycle, including the acquisition process, new...
Thumb: Sector Series: Outlook for US office – changing occupier trends
26 Feb 2019
The future of the office market has been at the subject of much debate for the past decade.  In our latest sector series paper, Arthur Jones, Director of Real Estate Research at Principal Real...
Thumb: Responsible Property Investing
08 Feb 2019
At Principal, being socially responsible is central to who we are as a company. Our focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations is a core aspect of our fiduciary duty to...
Thumb: Sustainability Profile - Hazard Center
07 Jan 2019
Property Spotlight: Hazard Center ...
Thumb: Sustainability Profile - Texas Lighting Campaign
07 Jan 2019
Participating Properties: ...
Special bulletin #2: COVID-19 - status of progression on CRE
13 Mar 2020
As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to spread across the world, we wanted to update you and provide our current observations and on-the-ground feedback. As before, we look to...
Thumb: Regulating housing cost and its impact: Berlin's new rent control policy
11 Mar 2020
As affordability becomes increasingly challenging in many cities globally, many local governments are looking for strategies to regulate rent growth as a way in controlling housing cost. This piece...
Thumb: Special bulletin: Novel coronavirus impact on U.S. commercial real estate
05 Mar 2020
With heightening concerns regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus, we wanted to share our current thoughts on the potential impact on all four quadrants of U.S. commercial real estate.
Thumb: REITs 2020 Outlook
18 Feb 2020
Q&A with Todd Kellenberger, Client Portfolio Manager, Principal Real Estate Securities ...
Thumb: The global case for U.S. commercial real estate
30 Jan 2020
The paper concludes that regional diversity within the U.S. economy—across metro areas—and the potential for lower correlation across certain markets that may not be as closely tied to broader...
Thumb: Changing of Lagarde in Frankfurt
20 Dec 2019
This topical piece discusses the change of leadership at the ECB and how we feel is likely to affect global monetary policy and commercial real estate in the short-term.