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Private real estate for Defined Contribution (DC) plans

Our expertise across all four quadrants of the commercial real estate market allows us to offer solutions that meet our investors’ needs.

One example of how we can meet investor needs, is providing a 100% private real estate option to Defined Contribution (DC) plan sponsors who seek to add private real estate to a multi-asset portfolio. In doing so, DC plan participants can potentially capture these advantages:

  • Increased diversification
  • Income generation
  • Reduced portfolio volatility
  • Hedge against unexpected inflation

We believe private real estate is well-positioned to offer the same investment benefits to DC plan participants as it has offered to DB plans for decades, which is why we were the first to offer DC plans an option that invests 100% in private real estate, starting in 1982.

Our offering provides daily valuation, daily liquidity and is available for automated trading resulting in easy utilization within a greater multi-asset portfolio.

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