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Research is fundamental to our ability to assess relative value both within and across quadrants, and to deliver on your investment goals. The foundation for our investment decisions is a combination of top-down economic and sector analysis with bottom-up asset analysis, giving our investment professionals the insights they need to successfully execute strategies.

Top-down analysis
Our deep macroeconomic and microeconomic research incorporates analysis of economic, demographic, political, technological, property, and capital market trends. 

We use current forecasts to develop a firm-wide consensus outlook for domestic and global economies and capital markets. 

Bottom-up research
Data from our extensive equity and debt transaction, leasing, and asset management portfolio is combined with external and capital markets knowledge to develop forecasts for the metropolitan statistical areas that we cover. 

To determine relative value, we also use capital markets information including cap rate and pricing trends. This helps us evaluate whether current commercial real estate market trends are accurately priced.

Each quadrant’s team of investment professionals uses our top-down and bottom-up data to drive their investment decisions. Research insights are also shared across teams, as well as with our clients and the industry in general, through monthly, quarterly, and annual publications.


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