Responsible Property Investing

Principal Real Estate Investors has a longstanding commitment to corporate stewardship, and an established track record in responsible property investing. In 2010, we formalized this commitment by becoming a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

The UN PRI seeks to understand the impact of environmental, social, and governance issues on investment practices—and on investors—to help develop a more sustainable financial system.

Pillars of Responsible Property Investing

In 2013, we adapted this philosophy to create our own Pillars of Responsible Property Investing (PRPI) initiative. Used by both Principal Real Estate Investors and our property management partners, this framework helps drive asset management and fiduciary governance, striving to deliver positive financial and environmental results.

We've developed three specific pillars to guide our approach to real estate investment and management. 



Milestones and awards

Driving positive change

We are committed to Responsible Property Investing. Associations and publications have taken notice of our commitment and have recognized some of our accomplishments.

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Market resilience

Reinforcing the social and economic vitality of markets where we do business through equitable contracting practices, job creation, and a focus on healthy and productive buildings.


Corporate governance

Managing risk and meeting investor objectives through integrity, transparency, and managerial oversight.


Property performance

Improving each building's competitive stature, reducing costs, and delivering enhanced financial and environmental performance through reduced energy, water and waste consumption.

Better environmental performance, better financial performance

By focusing on environmental benefits through real estate fundamentals and operational excellence, we're able to offer you better investment performance, too. That's because improved operations, new technologies, and "green" buildings can help reduce risk, improve a property's competitive stature, and increase tenant interest and retention – ultimately providing a foundation for higher rents. As fiduciaries for our investors, it is our responsibility to understand, quantify, and act on this knowledge—and we do that through our Pillars of Responsible Property Investing (PRPI) initiative.