Proxy Voting Policies & Procedures

Principal Global Investors has adopted and implemented written Proxy Voting Policies and Procedures that are designed to reasonably ensure that proxies are voted in the best interests of those advisory clients who have authorized us to address these matters on their behalf. Our guiding principles in performing proxy voting are to make decisions that:

  • Favor proposals that have the potential to maximize a company's shareholder value, and
  • Are not influenced by conflicts of interest.

Our Proxy Voting Policies and Procedures are designed to guide us in voting proxies, not necessarily in making investment decisions; our portfolio management teams base their investment decisions on a variety of factors.

Principal Global Investors' general Proxy Voting Policy uses the Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS) Standard Proxy Voting Guidelines*, except where a portfolio management team may decide to diverge from the Guidelines. In such a case, certain procedures and documentation have to be met. In the rare event that a proxy ballot is received for a Fixed Income account, the relevant Portfolio Manager is responsible for voting the ballot.

A client may authorize Principal Global Investors to vote proxies and may obtain a summary report relating to their account by contacting their relationship manager. A client may also obtain a copy of our complete proxy voting policies and procedures upon request.

Principal Global Investors: Policy on Proxy Voting for Investment Advisory Clients
Global, non-Australia Version

Principal Global Investors: Policy on Proxy Voting for Investment Advisory Clients
Australia-only Version

For further information, please contact Mary Brown at 515-235-1707.


*Principal Global Investors has adopted all of the ISS policies, with the exception of those listed under Specialty Policies. We will, however, apply the Taft Hartley guidelines under Specialty Policies upon client request.